ScarecrowFestivalDurrow Development Forum invite you to come on board for the 2014 Scarecrow Festival. We are looking for people who would like the get involved in the festival, new input and ideas are what keep a festival alive and flourishing. If you are in doubt but considering that you might like to get involved, please do!! Do not worry that it will take all of your time, you would not be expected to attend every meeting, but we would be delighted if you would consider coming on board and getting involved. Regardless of your age Volunteering offers the opportunity to cross paths as well as getting to know people from across your community, including many with whom you may otherwise not have had contact. Volunteering can be a fun, meaningful way to make new friends and is one of the best ways to make a difference in your community. Whatever your passion, however you get involved, volunteering offers a way to have a real and lasting impact on Durrow. There is a β€˜β€™come on board’’ meeting on Monday 24th March in the Library at 8.30pm.