friendshipMany people can find themselves socially isolated or in need of support due to the onset of illness, bereavement, living alone or caring for a partner as they age. The Durrow Befriending Group offer a Free, Confidential, Friendly, Voluntary, Dedicated, Practical, Reliable and often Fun home visiting service.

Befriending is all about building one-to-one relationships based upon trust, confidentiality and support. Our aim is to reduce social isolation and enhance quality of life in Durrow and surrounding communities.
Volunteers from the Durrow Befriending Group come from many walks of life but are all unified in the belief that, as a community, we can support, empower and motivate each other, especially at those times when physical and emotional pain enters our lives. Together, we can find the strength to manage our pain, become stronger and learn to love life.

Volunteering is not a one-way process, as some training is given and courses for self-development become available from time to time. The lives of volunteers can also be enriched by the giving of their time to others in the community. This service is about developing informal and supportive social relationships.

On Thursday 16th April 2015 the Durrow Befriending Group are holding the official launch of the service and celebrating the completion of their first successful year. Starting time will be 8.15pm in the Presentation Hall (beside church), Durrow. A number of speakers will outline how the service is developing, how it can continue to benefit the community of Durrow and surrounding areas and answer any queries that may arise.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in knowing about or becoming involved in the service please come to our official launch and information night. For more information Phone: (086) 8096693.