TUESDAY: A bright sunny day with light northerly breezes. Highs 9c or 10c. OVERNIGHT: Cold and clear with a sharp frost. Lows -3c to 0c in near calm conditions. Some patchy fog locally also.

WEDNESDAY: Fog and frost clearing to give a mostly sunny day. Winds light southeasterly. Highs of 8c or 9c. Cloud will tend to build from the south later in the day. OVERNIGHT: Partly cloudy and quite cold early on with a frost as temperatures drop to 0c for a time, however southeast winds will increase overnight and frost will clear as temperatures rise a degree or two. Some patchy drizzle possible later.

THURSDAY: Mostly cloudy with patchy drizzle at times. Feeling cool in a light to moderate southeast breeze. Highs of just 6c or 7c at best. OVERNIGHT: Partly cloudy with lows of 1c or 2c and feeling cold in the southeast breeze.

FRIDAY: Continuing partly cloudy with a moderate southeast breeze. Cool with highs of 5c or 6c at best. There is a slight chance of a light drizzle shower, especially in the south of the region. OVERNIGHT: Continuing partly cloudy, but feeling very cold in a fresh southeast wind. Lows of 0c to 2c.

SATURDAY: Not much change on Friday, however temperatures will continue to edge lower: highs of 3c to 5c. OVERNIGHT: A sharp to severe frost developing as much colder air arrives from the east. Lows of -4c to -1c.

OUTLOOK: There is a 65% chance of a very cold spell of weather developing on Sunday and continuing for much of next week. Temperatures between -1c and +2c by day falling close to -10c at night are possible. Snow showers moving in off the Irish sea look possible also. Some computer generated weather forecast charts show a possible snowstorm developing during the Wednesday/Thursday timeframe  (Feb 28th-Mar 1st). More on this later.