overcastTHURSDAY JUNE 25th: Mostly overcast with only a few bright or sunny spells. Some drizzle possible, especially over high ground. Winds light SW at first will back southerly and freshen later. Mild and humid with highs of 18c to 21c. OVERNIGHT: Remaining overcast, but rain in the west will extend eastwards later giving locally heavy bursts. Mild and humid with lows of 13c to 15c in moderate S to SW breezes.

FRIDAY JUNE 26th: Early morning cloud and rain soon clearing to a bright day with good sunny spells. A few localised showers may develop, but these will be well scattered and isolated. Highs of 18c to 21c in a moderate SW breeze. OVERNIGHT: Partly cloudy, though an odd isolated shower may develop. Cooler with lows of 9c to 11c in a light SW breeze.

SATURDAY JUNE 27th: Continuing partly cloudy with the chance of an isolated shower. Winds light SW will back southerly later and freshen as cloud thickens from the west towards evening. Mild with highs of 17c to 19c and feeling a little fresher than recent days. OVERNIGHT: Overcast with rain, occasionally heavy in the west extending eastwards. Becoming humid once again in a moderate to strong southerly breeze. Lows of 12c to 14c.

SUNDAY JUNE 28th: A spell of heavy rain around daybreak will gradually clear eastwards to leave a bright sunny day with the chance of an isolated shower. Winds southerly, fresh to strong at first will back SW and moderate as the rain clears. Mild with highs of 17c to 20c. OVERNIGHT: Partly cloudy in light southerly breezes. Lows of 11c to 13c.

MONDAY JUNE 29th: A fine day is expected with prolonged sunshine and feeling warm with temperatures reaching 22c in very light south or southeast breezes. OVERNIGHT: Mild with lows of 12c to 15c in light SE breezes. Becoming hazy.

OUTLOOK: Alot of uncertainty about the finer details, but present indications are for a rapid build up of heat during the midweek period. Low pressure then looks set to take hold with humid air spreading up from Biscay. With the build up of heat and humidity, thunderstorms may break out towards Thursday… more on this later.

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