SCARECROW FESTIVAL WORKSHOP: Gerardine Wisdom joins us on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of August, two separate workshops where you will receive tuition on how to work with rush and make a basket, bag or rushwork item to bring home with you. This is a fantastic opportunity to receive a masterclass with one of the countries best known rushwork artists. Her fantastic rush-work and basketry has drawn many admirers and you will leave with a whole new appreciation of the rush and what can be achieved with rush as a craft element. Arrive at the Scarecrow Village for 10.00am, please note, village will be closed but a steward will be available to admit you to the Rush Workshop. Please note that though the Rush Workshop is from 10am until 5pm, this is not the full length of time you will be there. Time is allowed for each person to proceed at their own pace and finish their creation. Allow 2 to 3 Hours minimum. This event, is available to book on Eventbrite but if you prefer to book by phone, please phone (087) 9626350.

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