Met Eireann have hinted at the possibility of a heatwave developing next week with temperatures reaching the high 20s, possibly higher locally. High pressure over the Azores is expected to push up from the southwest and sit over Ireland bringing the fine, dry weather and high temperatures.

The weather over the past six or seven weeks has been very dry, particularly in the south midlands and southeast of Ireland with grass growth slowing, and even burning in some of the drier soils explains LaoisWeather who provide live data from their weather station on the east side of Durrow town.

May was quite a good month with plenty of warm conditions and below normal rainfall amounts. June started off very warm for the time of year and despite many thunderstorms, only 10mm of rainfall fell in that spell. The heat retreated somewhat for mid-June, however a drying wind with little amounts of rainfall have done very little to replenish the soils which are running a 60 to 65mm deficit.

The resulting very dry soils have presented farmers and gardeners with increasingly poorer growing conditions, so irrigation systems will have to be dusted off and set up in the coming days in order to get water to the crops and plants before the very warm conditions return to avoid those dying. With high pressure very close to Ireland during the middle of next week, it is unlikely that many thunderstorms will break out which can serve to provide much needed water to those lucky enough to be where they occur.

Householders are advised to conserve water and check on vulnerable elderly neighbours throughout the oncoming heatwave as they in particular feel the effects of heat moreso than other age groups. Young people are advised to be water aware when taking to pools and other bodies of water as heatwaves typically see a rise in tragic drownings. Motorists are advised to slow down and double check leaving junctions – strong sunlight can make it difficult to see other road users – motorcyclists in particular.

LaoisWeather will issue regular updates on their facebook page.