KILLERMOGH WHIST DRIVE: The winners of the Killermogh Parish Union January Whist Drive were: Top Score – Theresa Mulhare; First Lady – Nell Conroy; Second Lady – Josie McCartney; First Gent – Liam McCartney; Second Gent – M. Slevin;Quarters – Mary McGelligott, Frank Keenan, Bridie Metcalf /Tom Dunne, Mick Scully; Low Score – Nuala Phelan. The winners of the Raffle were – B. Metcalf, S. Fitzpatrick, V. Cantwell, C. Fitzpatrick and M. Moynan. The next Whist Drive will be held on Thursday February 28th at 8.30pm in the Parochial Hall, Cork Road.

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