LIONS AFC POOLS: The Lions Jackpot 10 Pools gives you 10 fixtures, and you simply must guess the outcome of each match to be in with a chance of winning the Jackpot. It is hosted on and one just needs to register first before entering their predictions. Guess all 10 correctly and you’ll win all or a share of the pools jackpot. If no winner of the Jackpot, there will be weekly prize for the highest points scorer each week. Jackpot will increase by €50 each Week. If Jackpot is won it will start the following week at €100. Weekly prize of €30 if Jackpot is not won. Entry fee is only €3.50 each week. Contact any committee member to join, or contact the Club’s Facebook Page!
LADIES SOCCER: Women’s social soccer on every Monday from 7pm until 8pm at the Lions AFC all weather pitch. All abilities welcome. Contact Sinead at (087) 9510587 for further details.