Beat the Barge – A fast and competitive race was had at the ‘Beat the Barge’ in Vicarstown on Saturday 20th September this year and the barge won, but next year fingers crossed the kayakers, walkers or runners may just beat the barge. Well done to all members of the club who partook and enjoyed the race.

Junior Paddlefest – The Junior Paddlefest had a huge attendance from the 19th to the 21st September, it was a great introduction to kayaking for our younger club members and they all enjoyed trying out all the disciplines of canoeing. The weather in particular was very good and it still felt like summer as our kayakers paddled.

Liffey Decent – We wish all of our kayakers at LKCC the very best of luck in this Saturdays Liffey Decent, this is a very competitive and hard race and a fantastic experience for all kayakers. It’s the 55th Liffey Descent and club members are looking forward to partaking in same.

World Freestyle Trails – Training for World Freestyle Trials continued last Sunday in Enniscrone, Sligo, the training days are given by Barry Loughnane, Moe Kelleher and Len Kelleher. Club member Calvin O’Brien has moved from the juniors into seniors and is partaking in these training sessions which are of great benefit to both Calvin and to the Club and we are grateful to the instructors and the Irish Freestyle team for all of their assistance.

Junior Paddlers – Our Junior Paddlers had a great day kayaking on Sunday 28th September and had experience on faster moving eater, which was of great benefit to the younger club members. Due to the shorter evenings, paddling will now be on at the weekends only. Please keep an eye out on Facebook and on our web site for details online.