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MIGRAINE ASSOCIATION OF IRELAND: The Migraine Association of Ireland will hold a FREE public Information Seminar in the County Arms Hotel, Birr on Thursday the 28th of June from 7pm until 9pm. The speaker for the evening is Dr. Muhammad Tariq, who is a Consultant Paediatrician and Childhood Headache expert at the Midlands Regional Hospital in Portlaoise. On the night he will advise on patient self management to prevent triggering attacks, medications and treatments. This event is organised by The Migraine Association of Ireland, Ireland’s only patient charity for people suffering from migraine and other headache disorders. The Migraine Association has over 20 years experience delivering patient-led seminars to the public and will be in attendance to advise attendees and to provide a good selection of migraine information leaflets and resources including the migraine diary.

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County Arms Hotel, Birr, Offaly County, Ireland. Map