DURROW TIDY TOWNS – NATIONAL ELECTIONS 2020 POLICY UPDATE: As with the quite recent local elections, Durrow is a no poster zone. We would hope that candidates don’t use election posters but we are also aware that new candidates are fearful that their name won’t get across without same, so for now they are allowed outside the 50km speed zone.
Please note the following:
Durrow is a poster free zone.
Posters can be placed outside of the 50km speed zone.
We would ask candidates to respect this and to ensure that their posters are placed in an unobtrusive way, don’t block road signage, flowers, plants or attach to trees. Please ensure to remove ALL posters and ALL cable ties and recycle same. As with the local elections, we are more than happy to share across candidates information on our social media. We wish every candidate the very best for the coming elections which take place on Saturday, February 8th.

Appeal: We encourage everybody to sweep up leaves off footpaths from outside their houses and premises as they can become quite a slip hazard when wet.