OSSORY DIOCESE: Readers in our Parish – Reflect on the importance of Scripture in our faith and at our liturgies. Two evenings, led by Prof Seamus O’Connell and Ms Olivia Maher, will offer a chance for our Ministers of the Word, new and existing, to come together to reflect on their ministry, and their important service, as part of an Advent journey. I would encourage all those who read in our parish to head along to these short evenings. Thursday 6th December and Thursday 13th December, 7.30pm at St Kieran’s College.

A Blessing for a Crib & A Christmas and Daily Grace – Next weekend, the first weekend of Advent, we will have simple prayer cards of a blessing for a crib and another for a simple Christmas and daily grace before meals – why not take one home to place beside your crib or on your table – something simple we can all do this Advent.

Advent Text of the Day – A short daily text message, free to your phone, from the Diocesan Faith Development group, each day, to help us to reflect for a moment on something, or to pause and say a brief prayer, think of someone, or simply decide to do something small that day. If you would like to receive this each day please text your number to (085) 8313100.

Advent Tweet – Follow @ossorydiocese on twitter get get a simple Advent message each day – something to give us all a moment to reflect in our busy days in these Advent weeks.