THANK YOU: To the amazing community of Durrow and all who contributed in so many ways to the greatly successful cake sale for our beautiful daughter Ella Dempsey. It was September we found out the devastating news, that our amazing daughter had an extremely rough road ahead of her. The immediate action was to control the immense pain she was in, Ella like so many cases, was misdiagnosed throughout the summer. Itโ€™s a living nightmare seeing your child go through such pain!
But even at the worst Ella is one strong girl, smiling and certainly in recent weeks giggling through it all. We are about to begin 14 of 18 rounds of chemo and due to travel to Germany on the 8th May for six weeks of proton therapy, then surgery in Birmingham. She still has a bit to go but just seeing her back to her giggly self, means the world. The nurses, doctors and all the staff at Crumlin and the Mercy are amazing and certainly help to make Ellaโ€™s journey a little less scary and a little more fun.
The support and prayers you have shown Tony and I is just incredible and we are lost for words. We will be forever grateful for your kindness and helping make our road a little less difficult. But the most important thing of all is youโ€™re helping to keep our beautiful girl smiling. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Tony, Amy , Josh, Sean and Ella Dempsey.