We are sure a lot of people will be saddened to see the trees being replaced in the green. This decision was not taken lightly or without a lot of consultation with specialised people in this area. The reason for this decision is that at least two of the trees have a disease and only has an approximate four year life span left. The other trees at most, only have a twenty year life span. The roots of the existing trees are in danger of lifting the paving. It was recommended that the trees be removed and 6 new mature lime trees be planted on the road side of the green. This will compliment the trees on the smaller green.

A mature oak tree will also be planted in the green to reflect the heritage of Durrow. The idea being that all the new aspects of the green will mature together and that this would not have to be revisited in the future. The new trees will be planted immediately. Each tree will have its own power point for Christmas lights which will hopefully be sorted this coming week. Thank you for your continued support – Durrow Development Forum.