Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy overnight in light to moderate southerly breezes. Feeling cool. Overnight lows of 11c.

Wednesday August 1st: Becoming generally overcast in the early morning with outbreaks of rain spreading from the southwest arriving before midday. The chance of a heavy burst or two, delivering 5mm or thereabouts. Rain will clear off soon after lunchtime, however some light drizzle showers may come and go during the afternoon, though amounts very small. Feeling alot milder once the rain clears through and temperatures will rise to 20c or 21c with perhaps the odd glimpse of sunshine. Light to moderate SW breezes.

Wednesday Night: Generally overcast with some fog, especially on hills and perhaps some local drizzle. Mild with lows of 12c to 15c. Light SW breezes.

Thursday August 2nd: Cloud with the odd patch of drizzle early in the morning. Drying out by mid-morning and towards lunchtime cloud will begin to break up and some sunshine developing. Temperatures responding in the sunshine with highs reaching 23c or 24c and with the warmth and high humidity an odd localised shower may develop – though unlikely. Winds light southwesterly throughout.

Thursday night: Partly cloudy at first, becoming overcast later with some drizzle around dawn. Quite mild with lows of 13c to 16c in light SW breezes. Some patchy rain for a time around dawn.

Friday August 3rd: Overcast with patchy rain around daybreak, but this quickly clearing east giving dry conditions from mid-morning and again, cloud breaking up towards lunchtime. Cloud should clear better than Thursday with good sunny spells developing and temperatures climbing up to 25c in near calm conditions.

Friday night: Cloud building overnight once more in the high humidity. Some hill fog may thicken to drizzle later in the night. Very mild with lows of 14c to 17c in light SW breezes.

Saturday August 4th: A cloudy dawn with perhaps some drizzle, though this will quickly clear by mid-morning and cloud breaks up to give a fine dry day, feeling a little fresher too in light westerly breezes. Temperatures reaching 22c or 23c in good sunny spells.

Saturday night: Clear and calm. Mild with lows of 12c to 15c.

Sunday August 5th: A fine sunny day and becoming warm with highs of 23c to 26c in near calm conditions.

Sunday night: A warm night, perhaps the chance of a thunderstorm as humidity rises. Lows of 15c to 18c in light southerly or southeasterly breezes.

Monday August 6th: A fine warm day is in store with good sunny spells. Highs reaching 22c to 25c in light south to southeast breezes.

Monday night: Another warm night, though a greater chance of thunderstorms pushing up from the south later. Lows of 14c to 17c. Light SE to E breezes.

Outlook: Breezes backing NE and temperatures will drop back slightly. The chance of thunderstorms retreats.