Cullohill Community Council are currently engaging with SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) to assess the possibility of Cullohill becoming a ‘Sustainable Energy Community’. This is a community in which everyone works together to develop a sustainable energy system. To do so, they aim as far as possible to be energy efficient, use renewable energy where feasible and develop decentralised energy supplies. The Sustainable Energy Community (SEC) includes all different energy users e.g. homes, schools, churches, community centres etc…
Being part of the SEC gives the community access to additional funding in relation to sustainable energy and also the technical expertise required. By bringing the community together and identifying the energy needs, the community can access more funding than is currently available to individual households and can also benefit from cheaper prices for the works to be completed. Why become a Sustainable Energy Community?

  • Achieve financial & energy savings.
  • Improve public well-being through enhanced comfort from energy efficient buildings
  • Boost local employment.
  • Build capacity and leverage funding
  • Contribute to the Tidy Town effort

A public meeting will take place on Wednesday 22nd June in Cullohill Community Centre from 8.30pm to 10pm. In addition to discussing the benefits of becoming a ‘Sustainable Energy Community’, the SEAI representative will also be covering how to save money on your energy bills, grants available, fuel allowances etc… Special attention will also be given to energy provision to old aged pensioners e.g. what allowances they are entitled to, works (e.g. wall insulation) Which are 100% grant aided etc… So whether you are interested in renewable energy, are a local tradesman who could provide services, or just want to save a few euro on your bills, then this meeting is for you!