A clean-up of the Derry Road takes place every Thursday night from 8pm to 9pm. Meet at the Pound. Please bring a brush or spade. Litter bags will be provided. We ask all residents to please keep the road frontage of your house clean & swept & also to put out window boxes and hanging baskets if at all possible. Together we can make a difference as many hands make light work.

We ask all residents and business people all over the town to please put out hanging baskets and window boxes etc… on your premises to make the town look colourful and attractive for the visitors coming to attend the Scarecrow Festival and everyone who comes to Durrow over the summer months. We also need all areas kept clean and swept so we ask residents in all areas to come out on Thursday evenings. Bring brushes, wheelbarrows etc… and help the committee members in their efforts. Together, we can all make a difference as many hands make light work. Thank you for helping in anticipation.