TIME TO PROTECT AGAINST LYME DISEASE: During the summer, as people spend more time outdoors, the risk of tick bites increases. The Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) is urging people to protect themselves against Lyme disease, which is transmitted by infected biting ticks. Lyme disease can, in a small number of cases, cause severe debilitating heart and nervous system disease. However, it is rare in Ireland. The HPSC suggests that you prevent tick bites by:

  • Wearing long trousers, a long-sleeved shirt and shoes
  • Using an insect repellent, preferably containing DEET
  • Checking skin, hair and warm skin folds (especially the neck and scalp of children) for ticks, after a day out
  • Removing any ticks and consulting with a GP if symptoms develop

For more visit: www.hse.ie/eng/services/news/media/pressrel/summer-is-here-so-time-to-protect-against-lyme-disease.html online.