FRIDAY APRIL 19th: A fine day is expected with prolonged spells of hazy sunshine in a moderate southeast breeze. Highest temperatures of 19c or 20c are expected. OVERNIGHT it will turn cool with lows of around 5c and breezes dropping light.

SATURDAY APRIL 20th: Another fine day is forecast with prolonged sunshine, hazy at times – especially towards the evening as cloud from a weather front creeps in from the Atlantic. Winds light to moderate southerly or southeasterly. Highs a little warmer reaching between 19c and 22c. OVERNIGHT it will be rather overcast with lows of 6c or 7c in a southerly breeze.

SUNDAY APRIL 21st: Overcast at first, however cloud will tend to break up and good sunny spells will develop, but there will be an increasing southerly breeze and highs will reach between 17c and 20c. Becoming overcast around darkfall. OVERNIGHT will become overcast with some drizzle and lows will drop to around 7c or 8c in a moderate southerly breeze.

MONDAY APRIL 22nd: Overcast with outbreaks of drizzle and light rain at first which will ease for a time before a more persistent band of rain pushes in from the Atlantic before darkfall. Cooler with highs of 14c to 16c at best in a fresh southerly wind making it feel cool. OVERNIGHT looks set to be a wet and windy affair as a cold front pushes through from the Atlantic introducing a cooler airmass. Lows of 5c to 8c in a fresh and gusty southwesterly. Currently there is uncertainty about the timing of the cold front pushing in from the Atlantic… please keep informed with regular forecast updates.

OUTLOOK: Becoming unsettled with spells of rain and showers in a south to southeast airflow and highs returning closer to seasonal averages or even slightly below. Breezy throughout.