The Woodenbridge Paddlers invite all complete beginners, novices and experienced canoeists to join us this summer on the Erkina River at the Woodenbridge to be part of the Nationwide Blueway 10k challenge. The Blueway 10k challenge is rolled out by Waterways Ireland and Canoeing Ireland and is aimed at getting participants of all abilities and none on the water to enjoy the countryside.

Starting 28th May the programme runs for twelve weeks concluding on the 20th August when a National Blueway 10k event day will be held at which a presentation will be made to all participants who completed the programme. The Woodenbridge Paddlers are the programme providers for County Laois and will hold two sessions weekly to accommodate participants who have previous canoeing experience and complete first timers.

To register visit or you also can phone (087) 2395357 or (085) 1009998.