A fine and warm weekend is in store with temperatures reaching the mid-20s Celsius (77F)…

THURSDAY JUNE 15th: Partly cloudy with a few light showers during the afternoon following a mostly dry morning. Breezes, moderate in strength from a southwesterly direction. Top temperatures of 18c or 19c. In the evening, showers will die out and overnight it will become overcast. Later in the night drizzle will push up from the south and it will become humid as a warm front pushes north. Low temperatures of 11c or 12c in fresh southwesterly breezes.

FRIDAY JUNE 16th: Overcast at first with any drizzle quickly clearing. Cloud will gradually break up during the morning and sunny spells will develop. Warm and quite humid in moderate southwesterly breezes. Top temperatures of between 22c and 24c. It will remain mild and dry overnight with some patchy cloud. The moderate southwesterly breezes will drop off light and temperatures will drop to between 11c and 13c.

SATURDAY JUNE 17th: A fine day is in store with prolonged sunny spells in light variable breezes. Feeling warm with temperatures reaching between 23c and 25c. Overnight it will remain dry and mild in near calm conditions. Temperatures will drop back to between 12c and 14c – so feeling quite warm when compared to recent nights.

SUNDAY JUNE 18th: Another fine day with prolonged sunshine is expected as breezes remain light and variable. Top temperatures of between 23c and 26c are expected. Continuing mild and dry overnight with patchy cloud drifting in from the east coast. Light variable breezes will back east and increase in strength slightly. Lows of 11c or 12c by daybreak.

MONDAY JUNE 19th: Scattered cloud and sunny spells in light to moderate east to northeast breezes. Feeling a little cooler as highs reach to between 19c and 21c. Remaining dry overnight. Lows of 10c or 11c in light northeast breezes.

Beyond Monday there is uncertainty in the forecast as to whether or not the fine weather will continue for next week…

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