Winter Paddling: With the shorter evenings all paddling is now at weekends only due to shorter daylight hours. Please keep an eye out on Facebook page and Viber for information about our weekend trips.

Liffey Descent: In 1959 Canoeing Ireland started a marathon canoe race on the river Liffey that was destined to become one of the world’s most famous and exciting canoeing events, Over the years its reputation has grown and attracted paddlers from all over the world to experience both the event itself and the unique atmosphere of fun and friendship that surrounds it. Congratulations to all our members who both participated and assisted at this years event.

Paddlefest: Congratulations to all our younger paddlers on a great week-end at Paddlefest in Wicklow. It was a fantastic experience for all our instructors and junior paddlers and was a fantastic opportunity to improve on what they have learned over the summer!

Pool Sessions: Pool sessions will be starting soon in conjunction with Balto canoeing club, please keep an eye on our facebook and viber to get details on same.

Crayfish: There have been a number of outbreaks of crayfish plagues this summer, this is a disease that kills Irish crayfish. We are advising kayakers to follow these instructions if paddling the following rivers; the River Barrow, the River Suir and the River Deel. If these are your local rivers, please follow these guidelines before travelling to other water courses. Following each trip, all paddle sports equipment should be routinely inspected, disinfected and thoroughly dried out. Drain water from watercraft and inspect inside and out and all other gear. Remove and safely dispose of all attached plant and animal material, mud or debris. Full details are in the club house and on our Facebook page.

Interested in Paddling: We are founded and based in Durrow and have a huge commitment to encouraging our youth to participate. Follow us on Facebook under Laois Kayak and Canoe Club or on our website at online.