On Friday 9th June the Beaver group of nineteen kids and four leaders travelled by bus to Portlick Scout Den outside Athlone. We arrived to horrible weather. Tents and our Marquee were pitched in the rain but it didn’t dampen the kid’s spirits. A very late night and an extremely early morning was sure to put a smile on the leaders faces! The kids however never felt the worse for wear. On Saturday there were so many enjoyable activities for all the kids. They enjoyed archery, fusion football, zip-lining, gladiator challenge and a mixture of sports in the morning. After their lunch of burgers and fruit snack it was back to activities which included a boat trip in the Canadian canoes which was a massive hit with them all including the kids who were super nervous beforehand. They were all super proud of themselves and deservedly so. Then it was on to the waterslide… only that we called time on it, some kids would still be there! After changing clothes and a quick snack it was back to activities which were an obstacle course and finally crate stacking. All of the activities were loved by them all.
Saturday evening there was an array of food for dinner, a choice of spaghetti bolognaise, chicken curry or mince and gravy. As it was Alanna’s birthday we had fabulous chocolate fudge cake for dessert, needless to say there was none left over. There were board games and field games later. To finish the night off we had our own singsong, with some fabulous singers. We also had some great dances and a few dodgy ones from leaders! The weather was much calmer Saturday night thankfully. On Sunday morning it was straight up and into action. Kids were to be up, dressed and bags packed between breakfast. Then all our tents and equipment had to be dismantled, a lot of going which was made easier from all the help from our beavers. We were ready for home at 11am and passed the time waiting for our bus playing games. On our return journey we visited Supermacs in Roscrea for some much appreciated food and ice-cream. All returned home wrecked but after having a great time.
Well done to all of our nineteen beavers who attended their summer camp, it was not easy going at times considering the weather. All stayed cheery and worked well together – we are proud of you all!

Thanks to the 6th Tipperary Scout group as our Ventures and Rover Scouts had a lovely overnight at their scout Den and enjoyed the water activities also. The Ventures will be staffing camp 5 during July in Mountmeleray, Co. Waterford from the 9th to 16th and are looking forward to this.

The Scout Group wish to thank the person who gave an anonymous donation to the club. This money will be used for the replacement of new tents. It was totally unexpected but very much appreciated, our most sincere thanks.