Since 1954, Durrow Carnivals and Festivals have brought high quality entertainment to the people of Durrow and beyond. Since its inception in 1997 the Durrow Development Forum has run very successful festivals which have steadily built on the successes of the previous 44 years whilst bringing entertainment in the area to a new level.

These festivals include The Irish Festival, The Durrow Arts Festival and The Howya Festival. The inaugural Howya Festival (Ireland’s Festival of Friendships) was held in 2009 and the 2010 event was even more successful. However, the unprecedented success of the 2011 Howya Festival which attracted over 11,000 people to Durrow to participate in the festival and view over 120 Scarecrow exhibits has given rise to the renaming of this very successful festival to the ‘Durrow Scarecrow Festival’ from 2012.

As previously mentioned these festivals are organised by the Durrow Development Forum which is a 12 member voluntary committee. Such a huge undertaking is very difficult for a committee of this size and volunteers to help with the organisation and running of the festival are always welcomed. If you would like to get involved please email