This Parish Newsletter is published every few weeks and apart from during the Covid pandemic it has been in circulation since early 1988 – spanning almost thirty-five years now. Since resuming the newsletter in early January 2022 following the lifting of Covid restrictions, it has become quite difficult to compile this  newsletter owing to the lack of news and notices from our clubs and organisations across the Parish. The newsletter is a vital source of local information for many people in our community who are not tech-savvy or have access to the internet.
We appeal to all local clubs and organisations to make a better effort to contribute to this  newsletter on a regular basis. Submitting news and notices has never been easier as we accept pieces through email at – in addition we send out two reminder emails to the contributors ahead of each issue where we appeal for news and notices. The future of this newsletter very much depends on the effort of contributors going forward. This newsletter has a great tradition in Durrow and Cullohill and it would be of great disappointment to many in the community if it’s publication came to an end. Please support us going forward – many thanks!