Weekly Coffee: The Arthritis Ireland Kilkenny Branch hold their local coffee chat every Saturday morning from 11am until 12 noon in the fantastic Ossory Park Community Centre. Do you live with Fibromyalgia or Arthritis? Donโ€™t suffer alone! Come for a chat, get out of the house, make new friends and know youโ€™re not alone – looking forward to meeting you, weโ€™ll have the kettle on! To find out more information you can call or text (087) 1491767.
International Fibromyalgia Day: This May 12th, the Arthritis Ireland Kilkenny Branch will hold an information stand in the McDonagh Junction Shopping Centre. Do you know someone or are you living with Fibromyalgia? Come get more information and meet others living with the condition. Do you live with Fibromyalgia? Come to our weekly group: call or text (087) 1491767.
Consultant Rheumatologist, Oliver Fitzgerald talks in Kilkenny: On 22nd May the Arthritis Ireland Kilkenny Branch will host a FREE event with Consultant Rheumatologist, Professor Oliver Fitzgerald and Linda Murray Nutritionist. This will be held in the Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel from 5.30pm. Call or text (087) 1491767 to secure your seat.