DURROW TIDY TOWNS: The group has been busy over the last few months, planning, mapping and carrying out work in and around the village. The ethos of the competition has changed over the years and nowadays the emphasis is very much on the environment and biodiversity. Ivy, wild flowers, etc… which were once removed, are now encouraged and “reduce, re use, recycle “is another important element of the competition. Below are some of the projects completed or planned for this year:
* New perennial and annual beds replacing the old beds in St. Fintan’s Terrace.
* Beds in the green planted up by Martin and Mary Lawlor.
* Perennial beds on Dublin road and Cork road to be freshened up and extended.
* New beds to be added along crazy paving area on Cork Road.
* Organised litter collections.
* Bat and bird boxes erected by Durrow Gun and Game Protection Club.
* New 32” round wrap-around planters to be erected this month on the lamp posts.
* Emu’s added to the “Tae Lane” exhibition!
and many other small projects too numerous to mention!
The Durrow Tidy Towns work closely in conjunction with the C.E.S (Community Employment Scheme) and great praise is due to Gearoid and his crew for their continued efforts, without which much of the work just would not be reached on.
To use a biblical quote – “The harvest is rich but the labourers are few” so we are appealing for help especially over the next few weeks as judgement takes place in June/July. If you cannot commit to joining the committee you could consider one or more of the following:
* Joining the “Hour and a Half Gang “ – commit to working 1.5 hours a week on projects around the town.
* Offering the use of machinery, tractors, trailers, top soil etc… – so we have it on file.
* Come up with and help organise a fundraising event – this is very important as we are very much over budget at present.
* Businesses and house owners sweep outside your house, premises and erect flower boxes, hanging baskets.
* Water any of the new projects, beds – a huge help!
or any other little thing you can do to make a difference!
Next year we would like to have a representative from each road/area involved who can come up with
ideas to improve there are and help in implementing it – so keep this in mind please. If you can help in any of the areas above or have any thoughts, comments please contact a member of the committee.