WATER SHORTAGES: For anybody concerned about DDF/Tidy Towns watering the flowers around Durrow, please be advised that the committee undertook a project over last winter and spring collecting rainwater in our β€˜Don’t Drain the Rain’ project. Over this period, rain water was collected from points around the Village. These rain water containers are being used to water our flowers. We are very much aware of the importance of water conservation and would encourage everybody to follow the guidelines issued by Irish Water recently where a hosepipe ban is in place until August 1st at least.

HEATWAVE 2018: The last few weeks have been quite warm and during the last week of June the high temperatures in Durrow were 30.9c and 31.3c respectively. Rainfall has been very low for the last two months now with well under half of normal amounts recorded. See www.laoisweather.com online for further information.