Affected supplies: ‌Ballinakill 2 and Durrow 2 Public Water Supplies, Clonkeen-Fermoyle GWS, Dunmore GWS and Tinwear GWS.

Authority: Irish Water & Laois County Council

Date: 17th June 2016

On the advice of the Health Service Executive, due to the detection of elevated Nitrates in the supply, a Water Restriction Notice is being issued to customers of the Ballinakill 2 and Durrow 2 Public Water Supplies, and consumers of the Clonkeen-Fermoyle Group Water Scheme, Dunmore Group Water Scheme, and Tinwear Group Water Scheme.

Public Health advice is as follows:

Babies under 6 months of age should not drink water from this supply until further notice. Infant formula, for babies under 6 months of age, should not be made-up (reconstituted) using this water. An alternative safe water supply or bottled water should be used to prepare infant feeds. It is best not to use bottled water labelled as “Natural Mineral Water” to make up infant feeds as it can have high levels of sodium (salt) and other minerals.

All other bottle water is regulated to the same standard as the drinking water from the tap in your kitchen. If bottled water is used to make up infant formula it should be boiled (rolling boil for 1 minute) once and cooled in the normal way. Ready-to-use formula that does not need added water can also be used. Boiling water does not destroy nitrates.

Irish Water and Laois County Council will continue to liaise with the Health Service Executive with a view to lifting drinking water restrictions as soon as practicable.

How will we keep you informed?

  • Leaflet drops
  • Website: and
  • Irish Water Customer Contact Centre: 1890 278 278

This Restriction notice does not apply to customers of the Ballinakill 1 or Durrow 1 Public Water Supplies or any other Public Water Supplies in Co. Laois.

Please note – this is not a Boil Water Notice – boiling the water will not reduce Nitrate levels and is therefore not a suitable measure to make the water safe to consume for babies under 6 months of age.

Regional Manager Irish Water, A/Director of Services Laois County Council.

Map- Drinking Water Restriction