Durrow Development Forum (DDF) and Cignal are pleased to confirm that an agreement has been reached in relation to relocating the telecommunications pole recently installed on Barn Hill/Kilkenny Road. Cignal has agreed that it will seek to relocate the pole and is currently finding a more suitable location that will be acceptable.
The pole’s purpose is to allow mobile phone and broadband operators offer a higher quality and higher speed service to Durrow residents. The current pole will remain in place until the new location is found to ensure there is no interruption to service delivery.
Evelyn Clancy, Chairperson of the Durrow Development Forum said:
“We have had several constructive meetings with Cignal who have been proactive in trying to find a solution that is acceptable to local residents. I am very pleased they have agreed to move the pole to a more suitable location that will not have the visual impact of the current site. We are very aware of the need for better mobile and broadband reception in Durrow, and look forward to this pole helping to deliver better services.
“I would also like to take this opportunity to rebut a suggestion in a recent local newspaper article that there were discussions in relation to a donation to the DDF to allow the pole to remain in its location. This is untrue and never formed part of our discussions which were solely based on the visual impact of the pole where it currently stands.”
Colin Cunningham, Chief Executive of Cignal said:
“We are very pleased to have reached an agreement with the Durrow Development Forum in relation to the location of the pole. We are working hard to find an alternative location that will still be suitable to ensure the pole will improve broadband speeds and mobile phone reception for Durrow residents.
We have delivered on our commitment to take feedback from the local community seriously, and to work collaboratively to find a mutually acceptable solution. I am grateful for the way the DDF have listened to our explanations and helped us to find a way forward.”
An update will be provided once plans for the new location have been finalised.
For further information:
• Durrow Development Forum: Evelyn Clancy, (087) 9194428, secretary@durrow.ie
• Cignal: Doug Keatinge, (086) 0374163, dkeatinge@murraygroup.ie