First – Nancy Bennett and Paul Maher; Second – Babe Duggan and Phil Mahony; Third – Canon John Lalor and Anne Dooley; Fourth – Bridget Nolan and Josie Murphy; Fifth – Joan and Dickie Dempsey; Sixth – Bridget Delaney and Jimmy Ryan; Seventh – Alice and Johnny Bowe; Eighth – Marjorie McGeough and Kathleen Broderick; Ninth – Theresa Muldowney and Jimmy Ryan; Tenth – Dolores and Francis Campion; Eleventh – Mary Hovendon and Peggy Duggan; Twelfth – Marie Foley and Jack Murphy. Player of the Year: Marie Foley. Best Gross – Nuala Molumby & Shem Mulhall. First Session – Dolly Harding and Ann Fitzpatrick; Second Session – Marian Sherman and Helen Woods.