scoutsOur Scouts will take part in POW Patrols Online Weekend from 7th to 9th of March. This involves the scouts being sent a number of tasks, 6 in total, from Scouting Ireland, completing these tasks and uploading photos and video’s etc… and sharing with them to other Patrols from around the county. This is a new event to us and our scouts are excited about taking part, so we hope all goes according to plan!
Once again we are asking the local community, parents, brothers, sisters, friend to consider joining up as an adult Scouter in our group, we have over 100 youth members which is great, and we would really like to continue providing our youth with a fun and active programme, so we really need more people to help out to keep all sections up and running, also we will be very limited who we can sign from next years waiting list if we do not get more help. If you are over 18 then please consider becoming involved and contact Maureen Campion at (085) 8099528.
Sympathy: On behalf of Third Laois Durrow Scout group we would like to offer our deepest sympathies to the Stapleton family of Erkindale Drive, following the death of Jimmy’s brother, RIP.

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