swan-road-footpath-extension-dec2014Work commenced this week on the next section of footpath on the Swan Road. This section when finished will extend to the end of The Harps GAA site and will be of enormous benefit to all road users. The above would like to thank all who helped in any way to bring this project to fruition.
Special thanks must go to the DDF and The Harps, for their generous contributions to date. Thanks also to all that supported our recent fundraisers, to the fire brigade who helped in the safe felling of the trees to anyone who gave of their time/equipment in any way and finally to the committee, local councillors and helpers who carried out much hard work behind the scenes.
It is hoped that the path will be finished before the end of the year. The landscaping and hedge planting will be carried out in the spring of next year when once again any help would be much appreciated. The committee would like to wish all a happy and safe Christmas.