overcastFORECAST – Rain during the midweek, becoming largly dry thereafter with some overnight frosts, sharp at times too.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 1ST: A few sunny spells at first, but cloud increasing from the west will introduce rain for the afternoon. Highs of between 8c and 10c in a fresh west wind. OVERNIGHT: Further outbreaks of rain or drizzle. Lows of 5c to 7c. Winds moderate west to southwest.

THURSDAY APRIL 2ND: Overcast with some drizzle or light rain at times. Mild despite the moderate to fresh southwest winds as highs range 12c to 14c. OVERNIGHT: Rain becoming heavy and persistent for a time before clearing later in the night. SW winds backing west to northwest later. Cooler with lows around 5c or 6c.

FRIDAY APRIL 3RD: Good sunny spells with a chance of a light shower or two, especially early in the day. Fresh northwest winds will make it feel cool as highs of only 10c or 11c are expected. OVERNIGHT: Northwest winds easing slightly and turning cold under clear skies. Lows of 1c to 3c with a ground frost forming.

SATURDAY APRIL 4TH: Light north winds and good sunny spells are expected. Highs will range from 11c to 13c at best. OVERNIGHT: Cold and clear with very light east breezes. Lows of -1c to +2c resulting in a sharp frost in rural areas.

SUNDAY APRIL 5TH – EASTER SUNDAY: Light southeast breezes and partly cloudy conditions will make it feel milder than recent days as highs get up to between 12c and 15c. OVERNIGHT: Partly cloudy. Lows of 1c to 4c in light SE breezes.

MONDAY APRIL 6TH – EASTER MONDAY: A mix of cloud and sunshine in a light SE to E flow. Highs of 12c to 14c or 15c. OVERNIGHT: Partly cloudy in light east to southeast breezes. Lows of 2c to 5c.

OUTLOOK: Next week looks continuing settled, a mix of cloud and sunshine with highs reaching 15c at times in light SE to E breezes. Cool at night with lows close to 0c. More on this later…

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