Forecast last updated: Sunday, October 15th at 7.30pm Irish Time.

WEATHER WARNING: Hurricane Ophelia is currently in the Atlantic approx 200 miles northwest of Portugal and is approaching Ireland. The hurricane peaked at category three yesterday afternoon but has decreased to category one now as it crosses cooler seas. Ophelia will still though be a very strong storm as it makes landfall on the SW coast early Monday morning, October 16th. Wind speeds averaging up to 50mph can be expected with gusts up to 80mph, possibly higher.

MONDAY: Overcast with spells of heavy rain, perhaps some thunderstorm activity too with the potential for localised spot flooding. Very strong winds with severe gusts from the southeast initially, backing south then southwesterly during the late afternoon. Mild throughout with highs around 16c or 17c. OVERNIGHT: Very windy after darkfall with strong to gale force southwesterly winds, backing westerly later and gradually easing after midnight. Skies will clear and lows will range 8c to 11c.

ADVICE: With strong winds forecast it is advised that you:

  • Secure outdoor items such as trampolines, refuse bins and garden furniture – remove window boxes and hanging baskets and place them in a secure area.
  • Secure gates and ensure that doors on outbuildings are closed. Board up any open windows that are facing southwards on outbuildings to avoid roof-lift there
  • Park cars away from buildings to avoid damage from falling slates
  • Bring pets indoors where possible, otherwise face kennel doors north to protect animals from southerly winds
  • Check on elderly neighbours that they are secure and braced for the storm – ensure that they have heating and food to hand in the event of power loss
  • Keep curtains and blinds closed in case of windows shattering
  • Prepare for loss of power – keep phones charged, have candles on standby. While it’s unlikely water supplies will be affected, keep some fresh water on standby just in case.
  • Have easy to prepare food to hand in case of power loss.