FRIENDS OF SHANE WALSH FUNDRAISER OF NOVEMBER 2019: Statement from the Committee (Dated November 6th 2020) – A year has passed since we lost our dear friend, there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think of the craic that would have been had, if we had our friend Shiney with us. Shane was a great family man, a son, a brother, most important a father. We as a committee came together to do something right for Shane’s family. They deserve the best in life, Shiney would have given to them. The theme of the fundraiser was based around fun, socialising and community, everything Shane enjoyed in his 34 years of life. We were absolutely blown away by the support, sponsorship & generosity shown in the build up to the fundraiser and the event on the night. The fundraising event was a showcase of sport & music both something Shiney had both a huge passion for so we feel he was looking down having a beer & making a cheeky remark. There are so many people that should be thanked for making the night successful but it would be wrong to individualise people, the night was for Shiney’s family. The money that was raised was well above any target. A staggering €32,782 in total.
€15,000 was presented to Laura in December 2019. A further €15,000 was allocated in a legal trust fund for Alex & Layla to receive when they are 18 years of age. €2,782 remains in account for outstanding legal fees in which we are awaiting receipts, once confirmed, balance will be presented to Shane’s family. As a small collective of friends it was our aim and mission to do the best we could to support Shane’s family, we are overwhelmed and thankful for all for the support and generosity. Covid hit us all hard in March and time passed us by but we want to express our Thank you to everyone who supported us in being part of a successful fundraiser. We hope Shiney would have been proud of the hard work & success. Thank you to the community & surrounding areas of Durrow. The Committee.