GhostCormac Strain is looking to enlist your help in finding some local, first hand ghost stories for a new book called Haunted Laois? To date he has published Haunted Carlow, Haunted Kilkenny and (soon to be published) Haunted Tyrone with the History Press Ireland. The books are based on local, first hand ghost story accounts and are proving quite popular, so much so that the History Press want more! He has been focussing on Laois but is finding it quite hard to get any decent stories of     people’s first hand accounts. He will change the name of the person and if necessary the actual location (a different part of the county so as to keep the person concerned as anonymous as possible) and use the actual ghost story part as a nucleus for a more traditional ghost story. Cormac has a website online at and if you need any further information you can call (087) 9957275.