FRIDAY: Partly cloudy at first with cloud thickening as the day goes on as a rain front pushes slowly southeastwards from the northwest later. Mild with highs of 18c or 19c in a moderate southwest breeze. Later in the evening, rain will develop with some moderate falls locally. OVERNIGHT: Overcast with outbreaks of rain, some heavy bursts locally, but tending to ease later. Mild with lows of 11c.

SATURDAY: Cloudy and misty at first, but this clearing with some sunny spells for a time before cloud builds once more as another band of rain approaches the south west. Mild with highs of 16c or 17c, perhaps a little higher in good sunny spells. Cloud and rain in the southwest will gradually extend northeastwards later in the evening and OVERNIGHT it will be overcast with spells of rain. Cooler with lows of 9c or 10c in light variable breezes.

SUNDAY: Any lingering rain or drizzle will quickly clear and good sunny spells will develop. However cloud will bubble up and showers will develop in a light westerly breeze. Cooler with highs of 15c or 16c. OVERNIGHT: Cool and clear with lows of 8c.

MONDAY: Good sunny spells to begin, however a few showers will develop once again. Feeling cooler though in a fresh west breeze and highs of just 14c or 15c at best. Cool and clear overnight again as showers die out.

OUTLOOK: Remaining a little unsettled with showers, though becoming warmer and possibly wetter later in the week.