whistResults of the December Whist Drive organised by Killermogh Parishes. Top Score – Lena McEvoy; First Lady – Patricia Delaney; Second Lady – Josie McCartney; Third Lady – tie M. Morris, M. Jacob, B. Strahan. First Gent – Pat Fanning; Second Gent – Damien Carter, Third Gent – tie Padraig Dowling and Tom Gowing. Quarters – E. Hennessey, P.J. Cahill, Violet Cantwell, M. Delaney, Robert Caldbeck, June Bennett and S. Fogarty. Juvenile – Lauren Caldbeck and Ciaran Breen. Low Score – Nancy Keogh. Hatchers – Catherine Galvin and Ray Seale. Raffle: N. Breen, J. Bennett, M. Morris, L. Kenny, V. Cantwell, M. Lennon, C. Breen, E. Healy, B. Kavanagh, J. Ryan and P. Lawlor.
The next Whist Drive will be on January 22nd at 8.30pm. The committee wish to thank everyone who supports the whist drive every month and they wish everyone a prosperous New Year.