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Overview: Breezy and showery with sunny intervals and average temperatures.

Thursday August 3rd: Early morning cloud and rain will clear to give a mostly fair day – just an outside chance (20%) of a light shower or two blown along in a light to moderate westerly breeze. Feeling mild with highs of around 20c. OVERNIGHT: Partly cloudy with light westerly breezes and a small chance of a shower. Lows of 9c to 11c.

Friday August 4th: A fine sunny start, however some fair-weather cloud will build up, but it should remain mostly, if not completely dry throughout the day – 10% chance. Highs of around 19c in light to moderate westerlies – so feeling pleasant in the sunshine. OVERNIGHT: Dry and clear – near calm. Cool with lows of 7c to 10c.

Saturday August 5th: The day will begin fine, but again cloud will bubble up and this time, with pressure lower, there is a higher chance (40%) of a few showers. Not as warm with the airflow more northwesterly, so highs will reach 17c or 18c at best though feeling relatively mild owing to winds being generally light and some decent sunny spells. OVERNIGHT: Becoming cool, calm and clear once again, however by dawn a light southerly breeze will develop so temperatures won’t dip too low – around 9c or 10c.

Sunday August 6th: A fine start, however cloud will thicken from the west and south to southwest breezes will increase a little. During the late afternoon or early evening some drizzle or light rain already in over the west will begin to push eastwards. The progress across the country will be slow, so some central and eastern areas could well hold dry until near darkfall. Temperatures will reach 16c or 17c. OVERNIGHT: Damp with outbreaks of drizzle or light rain as a front continues it’s progress eastwards, clearing later. Lows of 10c to 12c. Winds moderate southwesterly, backing northwest with the clearance of the rain.

Monday August 7th: Sunshine to begin in the morning, however a chance (40%) of a shower or two developing during the afternoon in light to moderate northwest breezes. Highs of 16c or 17c. OVERNIGHT: Any showers quickly dying out and winds will drop light. Becoming cool by dawn with lows of 7c to 10c under clear skies.

Outlook: Becoming much warmer and more settled during the midweek period.